I love my Jacker

When we first moved to Arkansas, Jack would carry this picture around with him everywhere he went. It had been a few weeks since the move and he was missing his cousin Audrey. I have no idea where the picture is now but for a long while Jack took good care of it, at night he would even pin the picture on the refrigerator to keep it safe.

He loves and misses all of his cousins, we just happened to have a print of this cute one of Audrey and Jack.

Jack fell asleep with the photo and the moment was way too sweet not to capture...



Birthday Boy

Good morning birthday boy, October 6, 2011

My precious baby Xander was fortunate to have two parties this year. We (Xander, Jack and I) flew to AZ the afternoon of his birthday so we of course had to celebrate with Tyler before we left.

Cake... his favorite part.

And here is our Boo opening his gift (wrapped in newspaper). How classy are we?

That weekend we had a birthday bash with lots of family honoring Colten and Xander! My brother and sister in law have a boy just four days older than Xander. So we decided it would be fun to celebrate their 1st birthdays together!

Cake eating contest. Which baby got the messiest?

It was a blast! Thanks, Jenni for hosting and for the delicious food!!


Home Again, Home Again Jiggity Jig

For winter break we were fortunate enough to visit home in Arizona! We had so much fun with our family and friends and the fresh citrus we consumed was definitely a plus! Of course Jack loved seeing his cousins and R.J., whom he calls, "my doggy." He had a blast having kids around to play with all the time! Being cooped up in a one bedroom apartment is a bit depriving and i definitely need to be better about getting out and playing with friends. We are going sledding today though, so that will be fun! Anyway, Tyler, the kids and I all drove to AZ together, kind of a long trip but, it was worth it! We drove straight through, we thought it would be cool to surprise everyone by showing up a day early, Everyone was surprised, so we were totally as cool as i thought! :) Tyler stayed for about a month then drove himself back home to Arkansas to start his spring semester. The rest of us stayed a couple weeks longer and flew home, jack still talks about the time when flew on the airplane really really high in the sky! I took lots of pictures of our trip so I will update a few specifics later with pics attached. We made it home safe and sound and its good to be back in the swing of things.

P.s. I love my little boys!!


Back dating

I have had a few posts saved in my drafts for a while now. I just havent gotten around to uploading the pictures so I end up never posting them. I did do one today though! YAY! They are coming... slowly but surely!


'Till We Meet Again

Wow, time sure fly’s! (I’m not sure if “fly’s” is used properly but, it looked cuter thn “flies”, I know… I’m a nerd). Tomorrow is the day I have been dreading for so long, tomorrow is the day Tyler leaves us for THREE WHOLE MONTHS. He has been accepted to the University of Arkansas for the architecture program, GO RAZORBACKS! He is enrolled to start this month (aug. 2010)… this is really real. So off to Arkansas we go for FIVE WHOLE YEARS. Well, my pregnant self and my 2 yr old son are stuck behind till after I bare my 2nd baby boy in, hopefully, October! The fact that I won’t have my husband by my side for 3 months has hit me so strong. A couple days ago Tyler, Jack and I went for a walk to the park and out of nowhere I just started sobbing just thinking about how much I’ll miss my hubby. In the turnaround though, I will have lots of fun mailing love letters, scented in my perfume, and sending packages of fun treats and gifts!!

(we took family pictures this past friday.now we'll never forget what the other looks like)

Good luck to my one and only!


Blackberries... Mmm, mmm Good!

We drove up to the cabin for a nice, relaxing, get out of the heat weekend (this is back in September)! The blackberries were looking plump and juicy and anxious to be picked... so we picked them and ate them and they were divine!
Jack joined in on the fun but got pricked by a thorn
No matter, he devoured that blackberry anyway
We saw a wee 'lil deer
...and a wee 'lil snake (Jack wasn't afraid)
Steven & Betsy are Goofy
The Blackberry Picking Posse
I must say it was a very nice, relaxing and a tad bit cooler weekend!


It's Cupid himself

So my original plan was to make homemade Valentine Cards for all of you cherished people. But of course, I procrastinated and didn't start my little project until the day of Valentines. I thought a few of the pictures were too cute not to share! Enjoy...

This picture was taken right before he went nighty night. Let's just say he wasn't smiling for too much longer. Good night!