Blackberries... Mmm, mmm Good!

We drove up to the cabin for a nice, relaxing, get out of the heat weekend (this is back in September)! The blackberries were looking plump and juicy and anxious to be picked... so we picked them and ate them and they were divine!
Jack joined in on the fun but got pricked by a thorn
No matter, he devoured that blackberry anyway
We saw a wee 'lil deer
...and a wee 'lil snake (Jack wasn't afraid)
Steven & Betsy are Goofy
The Blackberry Picking Posse
I must say it was a very nice, relaxing and a tad bit cooler weekend!


It's Cupid himself

So my original plan was to make homemade Valentine Cards for all of you cherished people. But of course, I procrastinated and didn't start my little project until the day of Valentines. I thought a few of the pictures were too cute not to share! Enjoy...

This picture was taken right before he went nighty night. Let's just say he wasn't smiling for too much longer. Good night!


Isn't he so precious?

I was really jealous of Tyler this night. I always try to get my little baby boy to cuddle up on me like this but he never will :( He must have been really really tired cause he seriously never does this. He is so cute though, oh i LOVE him!!