'Till We Meet Again

Wow, time sure fly’s! (I’m not sure if “fly’s” is used properly but, it looked cuter thn “flies”, I know… I’m a nerd). Tomorrow is the day I have been dreading for so long, tomorrow is the day Tyler leaves us for THREE WHOLE MONTHS. He has been accepted to the University of Arkansas for the architecture program, GO RAZORBACKS! He is enrolled to start this month (aug. 2010)… this is really real. So off to Arkansas we go for FIVE WHOLE YEARS. Well, my pregnant self and my 2 yr old son are stuck behind till after I bare my 2nd baby boy in, hopefully, October! The fact that I won’t have my husband by my side for 3 months has hit me so strong. A couple days ago Tyler, Jack and I went for a walk to the park and out of nowhere I just started sobbing just thinking about how much I’ll miss my hubby. In the turnaround though, I will have lots of fun mailing love letters, scented in my perfume, and sending packages of fun treats and gifts!!

(we took family pictures this past friday.now we'll never forget what the other looks like)

Good luck to my one and only!