Our First Christmas

This year is mine and Tyler’s first Christmas together… as husband and wife. It’s really fun being able to decorate my house for the holidays and make Christmas crafts.

We had a "Gingerbread House" date night at my friend Chandra's house. It was fun to be able to spend time with everyone and talk- the girls anyway, the guys mostly just watched a movie together.

And we went to see the temple lights a few times. They are so beautiful, as always!

I love being able to spend time with both of our families and share our special Christmas traditions with each other. I was super stoked about getting a REAL Christmas tree, I love the fresh “Christmas Tree smell.” Tyler would rather have opted out on that and just gotten a fake tree but, don’t worry, he came through!!

This is Christmas morning. We're wearing our new jammies that we got to open the night before christmas.


Guess Who is Pregnant.....

ME!! And he's a BOY!!
I am 3 months along, due June 3rd. We are so excited to be a mommy and daddy.