Birthday Boy

Good morning birthday boy, October 6, 2011

My precious baby Xander was fortunate to have two parties this year. We (Xander, Jack and I) flew to AZ the afternoon of his birthday so we of course had to celebrate with Tyler before we left.

Cake... his favorite part.

And here is our Boo opening his gift (wrapped in newspaper). How classy are we?

That weekend we had a birthday bash with lots of family honoring Colten and Xander! My brother and sister in law have a boy just four days older than Xander. So we decided it would be fun to celebrate their 1st birthdays together!

Cake eating contest. Which baby got the messiest?

It was a blast! Thanks, Jenni for hosting and for the delicious food!!

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Jenni Sue said...

Yay for the birthday boys!! We can have a 18-month birthday party next month, too!